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Miche Can Help You Heal

Anxiety, Sleeping Issues, Self-esteem Problems, Weight Loss Struggles, Sexual Abuse Trauma, Smoking Addictions, Intimacy Issues

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Together, You and Miche Will Overcome Personal Obstacles

Loneliness, Depression, PTSD Issues, OCD Patterns, Spiritual Problems, Emotional Problems, Relationship Problems, Stress, Anxiety

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Stop Smoking, Release Anxiety, Improve Relationships and More!


Unblock Your

Feeling lost? Miche will help by removing unnecessary troubles and heavy burdens with proven techniques in order to harness the true power of your mind.

Discover Your Inner Distress

As an Emotional Health Practitioner, Miche is highly equipped and trained to perform therapies to help get to the root of your emotional distress.

Heal Your

Together, you and Miche will work to reduce stress and pain by promoting healing at a deeper level with Miche’s non-invasive techniques.


Are anxiety, stress and depression limiting your happiness? Feel alone, suffering from emotional or spiritual pain, relationship problems? Are you ready to release old behaviors, thoughts and fears so you can experience life’s joys to the fullest? Have you experienced past trauma you need to release? Do you have OCD patterns to let go? Wondering if you have manic depression? I can help you. It takes a great amount of courage to ask for help when your life doesn’t seem to be working for you. It takes courage to take action and change your life.

My intention is to guide you to freeing yourself from the limited patterns, habits and beliefs, which keep you stuck. Let me help you find true, lasting happiness and joy with in yourself. Learn holistic and easy strategies and skills for positive changes — self-acceptance, improve relationships, cope with stress, release anxiety and depression. Use hypnosis for losing weight, lower anxiety, stop smoking, regression and releasing OCD patterns. Resolve PTSD issues. Have connection not just with your mind, include your heart. You can transform your limiting beliefs, negative scripts, and relationships. Discover your own inner knowing and power, increasing self-esteem and taking steps towards self-actualization and well-being, feeling empowered, confident, and connected with your true Self.

I create a safe and comfortable environment for self-growth where together we are partners identifying, exploring and releasing old limiting beliefs and patterns of thinking that do not serve you. Allow me to help you define and explore your hopes and dreams, connect with your heart as your guide, and own your unrealized power from within you.

Miche Lamé, MALLP Owner



Therapies Offered

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Intuitive Counseling
  • Self-Acceptance Healing
  • Emotional Health Practitioning
  • Personal Coaching