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  PRO Helps Dual Language
Learners with Spanish &
Chinese Introductions and
Vocabulary practice.
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Update: NRSI expands its
International Partnership
with an Education Group
based in China.
Learn more.
Large PRO Reading
Gains Reported by
Augusta Univ. Literacy
Center in Georgia.

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About Dr. Marie Carbo
Dr. Marie CarboDr. Marie Carbo is a national award-winning researcher and author of over 100 articles in major journals and three ground-breaking books. ASCD listed Marie's research as one of the 17 most significant contributions of the last 150 years in reading. Read more.
Articles by Marie Carbo
"Creating Remarkable Reading Gains With Talking Stories" TEPSA, Jan. 2014
5747396804 TEPSA, July 2013
406-272-4385 Educational Leadership, March 2010
(205) 801-6818 Phi Delta Kappan, Jan. 2009
315-626-9919 Principal, Nov./Dec. 2007
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