The Custom Explainer Video is Within Your Reach

One of the best ways to explain your products and services on the web is to have an explainer video on your web site. Video is an extremely effective tool to give potential customers a quick, concise, and entertaining look into how your company works, the products you produce, or a service that you might offer. Videos catch a customer’s attention, turning hits on your site into actual inquiries and sales. With the prevalence of web videos on the internet today, you cannot afford to not have an explainer video on your website.

How do you obtain an explainer video that is custom to your company though? It seems like creating a video yourself would be too difficult or would appear unprofessional. No one wants a video on their website that looks like it was shot with a home movie camera, complete with shakes and ineffective dialogue. You also don’t want a simple “talking head” that babbles at potential customers and ends up boring them to tears. Paying for the production of a video, however, can seem daunting and overly expensive. There are solutions that will allow you, however, to have a customized video for your website that is both affordable and effective. With Th@t! explainer videos, you can obtain a customized video that explains your company, services, or products, all without breaking the bank and with Th@t!’s proven commitment to increasing web site traffic and business.

For your explainer video, you will first speak with representatives that will help you come up with a brief that will explain the content and purpose of your video. A further follow up conference call or meeting will allow you to add further specifics and talk to the design team in more depth. From there, your video will move into storyboard and script production and voice over approval so that you can help choose the best voice actors to match the mood and feel of your company. From this point, a rough edit of your video, with voice over will be available for your review via Wistia, a program that allows you to give minute by minute commentary as each frame of your video is reviewed. From there, your custom animated and created video will go to sound editing and mastering and then be available for you to download and use in any format you choose. With Th@t! explainer videos, you have creative control and input while professional put together a high quality video for your company’s use. No hassle, no fuss, and no mucking around with substandard video production. You cannot afford to leave the trending video market out of your website and business, particularly not when a video can explain your company so succinctly and effectively. Contact Th@t! for an explainer video today.