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Welcome to the Art Standards Toolbox

This FREE App, available exclusively to National Art Education Association members, is a suite of tools for National Visual Arts Standards-based planning, assessment, archiving and more!


Powering Your Art Curriculum Forward

In The Cloud

Store your schedules, units, student assessments, and more in the cloud!

Growth Over Time

Track students' growth over the unit or over the semester. Use the scores to drive future lessons.

Use Your Computer

24-7 Access to your plans from your desktop, laptop, and/or iPad/Android tablet with Internet access.

The Tools You Need

Encompassing apps for the start of the week to the finalization of a unit, the ultimate online art educator toolbox.

  • View the Visual Arts Standards by grade level, anchor, or foundation skill. You can even add your own state and local standards.

  • Use the Unit Designer to create masterful, standards-based units. Export your Unit Design on to the Visual Arts template.

  • Assess students on the fly with your iPad/Android tablet. Grade, photograph, and save assignments to student portfolios with the touch of a finger.

  • View and save other teachers' units and share your own.