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Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean…
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About Us

Teasy-PrepaidSense is a product that conveniently brings you the possibility of paying your essential bills small-small, like paying school fees and house rent from as small as N200 to N500 or more per transaction.

You can also repay your bank loans small-small before each repayment dates.

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Contact Us

P: (234) 09020005000
E: (678) 963-1205
E: 6025485592

"School Wallet"

Every time you put your spare change in your school wallet, the school gets an alert and you are getting closer to paying up a school fee just before the due date... That's PrepaidSense

"Rent Wallet"

Your Landlord receives an alert every time you add cash to your rent wallet no matter how small the money is. Paying rents can never be easier than this, it really makes sense to pay rent with PrepaidSense

"Pay small-small"

Nobody wants to get paid in piece meal, why don't you try prepaidsense, we are your pay small-small negotiator.