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Internet Of Things

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Made for industry.

Keep Hackers Out
Keep Your Assets Running
Simply And Efficiently

Simple tech is powerful tech.


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From Any To Any

Send data from any industrial asset to systems on premise or in the Cloud securely and reliably.

Security for Industry

Built with the needs of industry in mind, MicroArx security gives you the reliability you need while giving hackers fits.

Ready To Go

MicroArx technology secures industrial controllers and the networks that connect them with simple "plug and play" deployment.

MicroArx In Depth

Industrial Automation

Secure your industrial controllers with technology from MicroArx. Keep your lines running and hackers at bay.


MicroArx technology secures your network to improve reliablity and keep malicious actors out.

Cloud Gateway

Send your data to the Cloud securely with MicroArx. Our simple plug and play gateway keeps you secure.


Learn more about cyber security risks and what you need to know to reduce your risk and keep your plant online.

MicroArx Platform

The MicroArx Apiotics IoT platform lets developers create secure industrial applications and devices quickly and easily.

  • Powerful APIs
  • Flexible Hardware
  • Highly Scalable
  • Best In Class Security

The Internet of Things is the next big thing for industry. Companies that network their industrial assets will improve their productivity, decrease downtime and open up new opportunities that were never possible before. But this new world comes with cyber security risk. MicroArx's IoT platform lets you innovate knowing that your assets and applications are protected with best in class security.

Mac Dougherty, CEO