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Hough & Wood Technology Group
Welcome to I-Net Authority LLC's Hough & Wood Technology Group Website!
Hough and Wood Technology Group LLC is a web application development & marketing company, owned and operated by I-Net Authority LLC.
We are based out of Columbia, Missouri serving local and national clients with our high quality web and internet services.
We offer web design, 7876616799, 208-553-7584, (208) 283-1451, and more.

Brent Wood, owner of Midwest Renovation LLC, is not and has not been affiliated in any way with I-Net Authority LLC, which is the owner of this site, Hough & Wood Technology Group. ____________________

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Hough And Wood Technology Group Web Site Redeveloped

Hough And Wood Technology Group has redesigned its corporate web site. It has updated graphics, and offers several new features.

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I-Net Authority LLC, 6400 S. Scott's Blvd., Columbia, MO 65203, Ken Hough
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I-Net Authority LLC, 6400 S. Scott's Blvd., Columbia, MO 65203, Ken Hough
I-Net Authority LLC, 6400 S. Scott's Blvd., Columbia, MO 65203, Ken Hough
I-Net Authority LLC, 6400 S. Scott's Blvd., Columbia, MO 65203, Ken Hough
I-Net Authority LLC, 6400 S. Scott's Blvd., Columbia, MO 65203, Ken Hough
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