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  • VIPN: The Facts

    Valley Integrated Provider Network (VIPN) provides opportunities for like-minded physicians to collaborate to improve quality efficiency of patient care and reduce costs. Participating physicians have found many benefits for both their patients and their practices.

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  • Care Coordination

    VIPN has a robust, effective care coordination team to help physicians identify and manage their at-risk patients. Teams of health professionals work closely with patients to coordinate with physicians' orders, medications and communication with physician staffs.

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  • Current Updates

    VIPN strives to keep its participating physicians informed. The most up-to-date news and information on VIPN programs, current contracts, initiatives and upcoming events can be found here.


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For more information on how to join the VIPN network, please contact: 661-716-7100 Ext 6209 or email Melanie Tubberville
  • About the Network

    VIPN is a physician-led, physician-governed clinically integrated (CI) network that empowers providers to improve care, manage costs and offer a better patient experience.

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  • FAQs

    VIPN provides a support system for physicians facing the challenges in delivering high-quality health care with cost efficiency. VIPN has compiled a list of most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about clinical integration (CI).

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  • Participating Providers

    This site maintains the most current list of VIPN participating providers. The list is updated weekly.

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  • Network Resources (Provider Directory)

    VIPN's online provider directory is enhanced with specific search options and updated weekly.

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