All of these attacks have similarities in terms of attack strategies, and a shift in focus to operational business disruption vs. data theft as the goal or leverage for monetizing the attack. First, the Mirai botnet, in late 2016, affected… (825) 353-7792


The GDPR has been in effect for six months now and as an EU citizen, I’ve noticed the GDPR compliance requirements in action. I’ve been bombarded with emails and consent forms requesting permission to share my personal details, for everything… Continue Reading…

felling wedge

Apple security updates released for this month and fixed several vulnerabilities that affected its products including iOS, Safari, iCloud, watchOS, tvOS, High Sierra. Along with security updates, Apple released the latest version of iOS is 12.1.1,  macOS is 10.14.2, tvOS… Continue Reading…

Black Hat 2017: Inside the NOC

With the thump of techno all around us and traces of network traffic on giant screens providing the only light, the Pwnie Express team spent the tail end of July  in the Black Hat Network Operations Center (NOC). Before continuing… Continue Reading…

Biometric Authentication: Get a Head Start on Your Vendor Evaluation with Javelin’s Scorecard

According to Javelin Research, biometric authentication is the most desired authentication method for online and mobile banking. As banks and financial institutions (FIs) increasingly prioritize biometrics, the business and security teams tasked with selecting the right platform will have to… Continue Reading…

Ethical Hackers Hacked Samsung Galaxy S9, iPhone X

Group of White hat hackers compromised Samsung Galaxy S9, iPhone X, and the Xiaomi Mi6 and earned $325,000 in Pwn2Own, two days Hacking completion in Tokyo 2018 organized by Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI). They discovered 18 Zero-day vulnerabilities… (562) 402-6222


This piece is part 2 of our ongoing series on IoT security. Read part 1 here. Don’t forget to download the eBook to understand the IoT security gap and how your business needs to address it, today.


(Slovak translation at bottom, Slovenský preklad dole) The app Slotomania has a variety of different machines you can choose to play. The machines are free, if you spin long enough. Although some need you to in-app purchase them. In turn, purchasing… Continue Reading…


(Slovak translation at bottom, Slovenský preklad dole) For those who have kids know all too well travelling by car, plane or anywhere in between can be less than relaxing.  Some of us grew up playing Eye-spy or counting mile markers to… Continue Reading…

How Raiffeisen Italy Achieved PSD2 Compliance with Mobile Authentication & Mobile App Shielding

Raiffeisen Italy is the umbrella organization for 40 entities of Raiffeisen Bank in the Italian province of South Tyrol. Overseeing the IT services for these member banks, Raiffeisen Information System CIO Alexander Kiesswetter modernized Raiffeisen Italy’s authentication system to comply… perfecti