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About The Book- I Saw It

  I saw it Book This book is set within two monumental events in the history of Iran- the overnight toppling of the ‘shah of shahs’-one of the most powerful client-dictators of the United States, who promised to transform Iran into ‘second America in a generation’, and emergence to power of Ayatollah Khomeini- who was resolved to see an Islamic Iran to become a modal Islamic republic to the world. But the book is about none of the two events. Its about how the common Iranians went through the transformation during the revolution. There is no other book on the topic that puts the perspective of Iranians amidst the chaos and cacophony of the Islamic revolution. As observed by two Indian doctors, this book presents an objective account of how Iran embraced change and got on with life despite the tumultuous social changes.

Why This Book is Important?

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Some Facts About The Iranian Revolution

8-year long Iran-Iraq War killed
No. of American Hostages during the Embassy Hostage Crisis
Islamic Revolution Years

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What People Are Saying About the Book

Nabhil Mukhtar, Actor, Cairo

"It brings to life the transition period from Shah to Khomeini...original... Comprehensive....couldn't put it down."

Author Vijay Kohli

"What a lovely, delightful book...Keeps the reader fully involved with significant history being played out in the backdrop. Vivid descriptions...Full of interesting anecdotes. A comprehensively entertaining book."

Parikshit Sahani , Actor

"An immensely entertaining and educative book! Makes excellent reading...tremendous power of observation...brings to life a fascinating canvas of an extraordinary country! The detailing and the verisimilitude...is captivating!"

Ambassador Bal Anand

"...labor of love...an engaging narration of the events and the life of the people during the most turbulent time in the history of modern Iran."

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