Department of Computer Science Secure Services

(901) 385-8901    An ever growing selection of Microsoft® Operating Systems, Programming Languages, and Developer Tools. Available for download, without cost, to students registered in a Science or Engineering class. These are full versions of Microsoft® software, with licenses. The licenses are not time-limited. Once downloaded, you may use this software forever, for any non-commercial use.
864-448-4771    On-line access to Departmental Minutes for Faculty and Staff.
9394518728    Create and manage a MySQL Database for your account.
2089942432    Change your Computer Science password. You can use your Hyperion/URegina User ID and Password to authenticate your request, if you have forgotten your C.S. Password.
7653061066    View your Computer Science Grades for the current semester. Note that not all classes make grades available on the web.
Trouble?    Report problems with Computer Science systems or software.
SPAM Filter    Sign-up for Spam filtering on your e-mail, and set your personal preferences. Note that some options require that your mail be delivered to your Computer Science account. If you forward your mail to your URegina account, then some of the available options will have no effect. This applies to all undergrad accounts!
WebMail    Access your Computer Science mail, or your mail from other on-campus mail services. Note that undergrads do not receive mail on the Computer Science mail server. If you are an undergrad or you forward your mail to your URegina account, then select "University of Regina" as your mail server.
Web Statistics    Available to Web Masters only!
Server Monitor    Available to System Administrators only!

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